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FER Magazine Features CxRA Kitchen Project by Mc Gowan

Mc Gowan’s completed interior renovation for CxRA is featured in a cover story on best practices for building a centralized commercial kitchen.

Moise Safra Center Featured in Interior Design Magazine

The Moise Safra Center in New York City, built by Mc Gowan and designed by PBDW Architects, is featured in the April 2020 issue of Interior Design Magazine.

NY Times: Resilient Design in Brooklyn

In rebuilding the landmark Empire Stores as a commercial complex anchored by West Elm, the developers are relying on a deployable flood barrier: a 7-foot wall that can be erected in hours.

An Interview with CEO Patrick Mc Gowan

The Mc Gowan CEO recounts his journey from rural Ireland to success in New York City and discusses his company’s latest high-profile projects.

Real Estate Perspective Magazine

An in-depth profile of Mc Gowan’s many years as a full-service construction firm, detailing the founding of Patrick Mc Gowan’s eponymous company in 2001 and evolution into one of the preeminent service providers in the New York Metropolitan area.

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