A Positive, Honest Approach with a Family Vibe

When founding the firm, Patrick Mc Gowan was guided by his entrepreneurial passion, his thorough understanding of the construction process and his honest, positive approach to conducting business. This successful and positive formula has allowed the firm to achieve impressive client loyalty and the dedication of the firm’s talented construction personnel.

The Mc Gowan approach is focused on providing a superior level of project services combined with fostering honest client communication and accurate reporting throughout all project activities.

Our Culture

Mc Gowan’s culture is a family-oriented concern; maintaining a balanced work and personal life are important. The firm’s Irish heritage and legacy as builders inspire strong personal and professional bonds.

Charitable giving-back is facilitated through the establishment of The Loretta Mc Gowan Foundation, supporting research for Down’s Syndrome, and the Vincent Mc Gowan Foundation to raise awareness and support families affected by depression. The firm organizes an annual golf event to raise contributions in support of these foundation’s activities.

Mc Gowan’s value-system in providing construction services is built on maintaining trust, integrity, accountability, responsibility, and respect with each member of our team along with our clients, associates, partners and subcontractors. These values are commonplace at the firm and bring out the best in everyone.

With over one hundred years of collective construction experience to guide its activities, the Mc Gowan team can easily say “it’s in our blood.”

Our Vision

The firm strives to maintain project diversity as it continues to expand its construction activities, constructing corporate interiors, renovating existing properties and aiming to increase its participation in building ground-up, high-design residential apartments, condominiums and hotels.

Mc Gowan has demonstrated a keen ability to skillfully plan as required to successfully build complex ground-up projects in New York City and the surrounding Metropolitan area, as well as in South Florida.

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LEED-Conscientious Project Management

Mc Gowan is dedicated to performing environmentally responsible construction practices, leading by example since its founding. The firm is a Charter Sponsor of the United States Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter, working closely with its clients, their architects and engineers to implement the Council’s recommendations on all applicable projects including employing LEED AP’s as project managers.

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