A trusted partner guiding your project decisions.

Mc Gowan’s proven system of project organizing procedures ensures a well-planned construction process, based on a cost-effective project approach coupled with efficient implementation of the required tasks.

Adept at providing detailed pre-construction, value-engineering and design input early-on, the firm demonstrates it is focused on attaining each client’s cost and schedule project goals.


Dedicated, experienced project professionals focus on providing early project collaboration aimed at refining the project’s cost budget and establishing important schedule milestones and long-lead items.

  • Pre-Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Assist
  • Cost Estimating
  • Project Scheduling

Construction Management

Coordinating helpful project collaboration, implementing value-engineering & design-assist input discussions, identifying long-lead items, and taking ownership of each project to organize the required activities from pre-construction to project close-out.

  • Finalizing project construction methodologies
  • Providing input on project implementation
  • Establishing project cost and schedule
  • Effective project planning and management

General Contracting

Taking ownership of the project and establishing the project’s construction cost, including:

  • Reviewing and assessing final project construction documents
  • Coordinating the project’s work bidding process with the subcontractors
  • Finalizing the selection of project trades
  • Establishing a project GMP
  • Overseeing the entire project construction process

Design Build

Organizing the project design and construction details while overseeing all project activities.

  • Responsibility for project design and construction
  • Accelerated project schedule
  • Single point of contract throughout project
  • Establishing project cost and schedule

Development Consulting

Mc Gowan has extensive project experience in organizing construction projects, and armed with this helpful information our clients are able to make critical project development decisions.

  • Building analysis
  • Development options
  • Commissioning equipment & materials procurement
  • LEED & sustainability details
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