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Financial Services Office SpaceFinancial Services Office Space

Financial Services Office Space

LEED ID+C v4 GOLD Certified first generation office build-out in Miami Tower.
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Citibank Alton RoadCitibank Alton Road

Citibank Alton Road

Ground-level banking facility in a Miami Beach retail development.
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Citibank Miami CenterCitibank Miami Center

Citibank Miami Center

A "smart-branch" bank facility with a Citigold luxury suite at Miami Center.
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CityPlace Tower Financial Svc. OfficeCityPlace Tower Financial Svc. Office

CityPlace Tower Financial Svc. Office

Office interior for a high-end financial services firm built to LEED Gold Standards.
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Prestigious Financial Services Firm's OfficesPrestigious Financial Services Firm's Offices

Prestigious Financial Services Firm's Offices

A boutique office space with luxe finishes on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.
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Chase Bank BranchChase Bank Branch

Chase Bank Branch

One of several new Chase Bank retail branch facilities.
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PNC Bank BranchPNC Bank Branch

PNC Bank Branch

A new bank branch, one of a series of projects for the PNC Group.
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TD Bank BranchTD Bank Branch

TD Bank Branch

Modernization of a 40-year-old bank building to LEED certified status.
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Merchant Plus, Inc.Merchant Plus, Inc.

Merchant Plus, Inc.

A multi-floor office renovation build-out in downtown Manhattan.
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PNC Mortgage Service CenterPNC Mortgage Service Center

PNC Mortgage Service Center

LEED certified office space, one of a series of projects for the PNC Group.
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